Change your Life Stories, Change your Life...

How I Can Help You!

Your Life Stores, Are they holding you back?

Think about the stories you have been told all your life...How are those stories working for you? They may  be stories from your family or friends or history, or the media that causes you to form the beliefs for your life. They may not even be your stories but you have adopted them as you own and they are not serving you or the life you really want.

Change your Stories, Change your LIfe...

So what if you could take those stories outside of yourself and see it from a different perspective, seeing the patterns that are not working in your life and stopping them or changing them to what you do want? How much better could your life be?

Here's how to begin to change your Life...

I help you identify those stories that aren't working for you like grief, money, career, relationships, infertility, sexuality, health, pain, anything that isn't working for you, I help you see through the story for a different perspective so then you have choices. You can choose the story you do want to live successfully  in your life... 


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I am here to help you Enrich Your Life!

I offer 30 min free consultation to answer any questions you may have, in person or over the phone or Skype. This allows us a chance to meet and see if you feel like this type of work is for you.

Deni Staples Life Enrichment Coach

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